Everything Industrial

Dynamic Solutions by Industrial Professionals is not simply our motto, it’s truly who we are and what we do. Our management team is comprised of current and former business owners that have built their careers by proving sustainability in their markets. Our areas of expertise are both formidable and comprehensive in any manufacturing facility.

Plant Support Services

ARIS Industries has worked with companies of all sizes, all across the country – and we excel at matching your project needs with the right contractor for the job. With our rich contracting history, we are intimately familiar with many project-based services such as:

Project planning, machinery installation and removal, demolition, salvage operations, scrap sourcing and management, due care rigging, electrical and mechanical services, fabrications, and more.

Asset Solutions

Asset Solutions

ARIS Industries provides marketing assistance and growth strategies to some of the industry’s leading machinery dealers, manufacturers, and auctioneers. Through them, we ensure the best asset value by pairing your company with the appropriate partner. This includes, but is not limited to the purchasing of used industrial machinery, asset sales for surplus equipment, asset auctions, and transportation and relocations.

Engineering and Design


Allow our in-house engineers to work with you from concept and design to build-out and installation, bringing your manufacturing needs in line with your competitors. Our team has an extensive track record of successful projects in these arenas.

Scrap Solutions


Don’t take your scrap for granted! Don’t assume your current method of disbursing recyclable materials is yielding the best results. We have the solutions for production scrap and obsolete machinery, and we’ll bring you the best possible yield from your current operations.



ARIS Industries has managed countless decommissioning projects for our clients. We have the ability to find the point of synergy between asset sales and scrap, as well as the best sources to facilitate both. We will manage your project – from planning to a broom-swept floor – and coordinate and relay information in a clear and concise manner.