Site Safety

The management team at ARIS Industries hs strong roots in industrial contracting and capital asset installations.  While often referred to as “rigging”, this is a highly competitive trade with a deep emphasis on site safety, so our transition to a provider of qualified site safety supervisors was a natural fit for us. While still called on for contracting services, our trade-based solutions for site safety are routinely called upon by OEMS and Tier 1 manufacturers to provide these services as a third party.


The true benefit of hiring a third party site safety professional is that our team is not tied to the profitability of the job, only to its safety. All to often we have heard about industrial project accidents, many of which could have been prevented with the inclusion of a third party company. Unfortunately the continued strain on the manufacturing sector caused by the still evolving globalized market leaves many contractors unable to make this clear distinction due to the large reduction in project budgets. This can leave you with an unqualified representative to supervise safety, but having no practical idea of the project.


Armed with this knowledge, ARIS Industries has developed trade based solutions to assist in all capital projects to eliminate this problem. Millwrights, Electricians, Pipe-fitters, Carpenters, Riggers, etc. By working collaboratively with local unions and tradesmen, our safety systems give our clients the peace of mind in knowing that safety is a true priority, and will not be sidelined in the face of saving a dollar. Our site specific tradesmen are able to assist in the most difficult of scenarios, and will ensure that plant practices are followed to the standards they are expected. Simultaneously, by finding a synergy with a given contractor onsite, our safety experts will meet regularly with facility management to ensure the contractor's crews are not bogged down with the critical meetings necessary to ensure compliance.


By using ARIS Industries to manage the site safety supervision on your projects, you are not only instilling the statement that SAFETY MUST BE THE FIRST PRIORTY, buy you are ensuring the best possible results by having a trade best solution to minimize the risk involved. As union tradesmen, our safety supervisors are qualified and able to assist you in carrying your project goals from inception to fruition. The link here will show some of the expected guidelines that every project must adhere to, and while every site stands on its own…safety is universal. Call us now for more details.