Aris History

ARIS Industries was founded in 2002, during one of the most difficult times in American manufacturing since the late 70s. The continuing globalization of the industrial sector had forced the domestic market to completely restructure the methods in which they facilitate their companies’ affairs. Manufacturers were shuttering facilities at a record pace, and unemployment was at a staggering rate. Many were unable to maintain solvency.

During this time, ARIS Industries was able to transition itself to accommodate the changing market – by assisting others in making the same transition – and utilizing our strengths and abilities. By leveraging the diverse knowledge of our management team, ARIS Industries has quickly become the standard-bearer for industrial consultants. The company has built its reputation by providing transparency and professionalism coupled with finding the true synergy necessary between a company and their consulting firm.


About Aris Industries

ARIS Industries provides insight and support to a vast manufacturing market. Based in Metro-Detroit, our capabilities are not limited to our location. We’ve managed projects all across the United States, and continue to provide our services to an international customer base ranging from Brazil to China.

Deeply rooted in the manufacturing/industrial sector, ARIS Industries management team is comprised of a diverse group of industrial professionals. With our combined knowledge and experience, ARIS Industries is experienced in a wide array of industrial applications.

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